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About Vita Student

Vita Student is one of the UK’s leading student accommodation providers, having previously built award winning schemes in Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Southampton, Exeter, and Liverpool.

Going to university is a daunting experience for any young adult, but for Vita Student’s customers, 80% of whom are international students, this is magnified. They don’t have the option of heading home for the weekend to get their washing done or have home cooked food. As a result, their decision of which city to study and live in is even more considered.

Vita Student’s job is not simply about providing great facilities, but about creating a sense of belonging and community that their customers feel part of.

They design studios that ensure students will look forward to coming home at the end of each day, naturally building a sense of belonging in their new surroundings. It’s this desire to build, nurture and develop a community that shapes Vita Student’s unrivalled ‘Hub’ space in all of their developments.

Vita Student is like no other student accommodation provider and has an unrivalled student experience right from that start. Upon arrival, students can expect to fully move in within a maximum of 10 minutes, with Vita Student staff on hand to unload and unpack all their belongings and thereby minimising the disruption on local infrastructure. Many of the items students would normally have to bring themselves are provided by Vita Student as standard.

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